August 26, 2007

6 February 1807, by Elizabeth Macarthur

George Street Sydney Town

Our friends are preparing to depart and Mr and Mrs Putland have arranged a farewell ball to send them off with due honour. I've been very busy writing letters and entrusting them to our friends - Mrs. Kingdon, Sir Jo. Banks, and other friends will receive our letters as soon as the Buffalo reaches England. It is a long and arduous voyage - when Mr. Macarthur returned in '02, he took three ships to complete the voyage at a cost of 700 pounds! Everyone expects the Buffalo to have a good voyage - it has been delayed for all of six months while Mr. King recovered sufficiently to commence.
At home, we are preparing to harvest and store the fruits of Summer and plant those vegetables that we know grow well here throughout Winter. Baran-garoo has shown me the vegetable food that she finds throughout Winter but I haven't discovered any uses for these myself. Sir Jo. Banks gave John some European leafy vegetables that have proved very successful here in Winter.
Elizabeth will come with us to Sydney today, even if she stays at the house there, for she is unwell. Hannibal departed this morning on horseback, so there may be something in his attachment to young Miss King - how I hope that is so, even though she is leaving. Surely the Kings will return?

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