August 02, 2007

16 January 1807, by Elizabeth Macarthur

What a terrible day and it appears it is all my fault. John was so angry yesterday that he felt unable to devote any time to pretence and frippery, and so did not attend Mrs. Putland's soiree, and when the Governor inquired as to his whereabouts, I pleaded his ill-health. Little was I to know the consequences!
This morning John and Hannibal were in high spirits and took the two flightiest stallions on a substantial ride, and they met Governor Bligh on their return, as he rode out to visit the "unwell Captain Macarthur". John could hardly excuse today's high spirits with yesterday's indisposition, and so he was found out. I believe he tried conciliation first, but was met by the Governor's coldest shoulder, and unfortunately the Governor has prevailed on Mr. Marsden to ride with him on his visit. Now I'm afraid all is lost and that only doom waits for us - the Governor was livid and turned away from John without so much as a "Good day", feeling I suppose that he had been put upon and slighted. Of course, Marsden's smirk was larger than his head, if that is possible!
I fear today is a turning point, turning to the worst. Whatever courtesy existed will be diminished, and I perhaps have lost a friend in Mrs. Putland. Oh, woe.

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Mousie/Paisible said...

suspense...what will happen next...