September 03, 2007

3 September 1807, by Elizabeth Macarthur

My son, James Macarthur

Mr. Kerrileau, who tutors James, and Miss Lucas who tutors William and the girls, have arranged for an exhibition of the childrens' work this afternoon, and I believe there will be a performance. Tremendous activity in that part of the house and instructions to "stay away".
It is Spring with blossoms on our fruit trees and the first early plants being harvested. The barley, growing in what had been two cornfields washed away in February's flood, is shooting up and starting to head, and we have 1100 lambs so far. We have 1100 lambs with more to come, and the shepherds have been busy keeping cur dogs and din-gos away. The early grass is acid and we are trailing Yorshire clover in some paddocks, sown with Mr. Marsden's seeds. The health of the lambs seems good and they are nicely wooled at birth, so I hope this is the first generation of full wooled animals.

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