September 06, 2007

6 February 1807, by Elizabeth Macarthur

The bond notice posted by Mr. Blaxcell, not to take unauthorised passengers from the Colony.

It is a great concern to Mr. Macarthur that the order under which we live should be subject to upheaval on the say-so of the Governor. Trade and property cannot be safe in those circumstances, and without either this place will languish as a far-flung jail. In that case we had better sell and return to England. But it is easy to see the potential for great profit here - the land is almost free and labour can be had from the Government or by hire, and in either case with more possibilities than at Home. Skilled men and women here demand high wages, but we need shepherds more than masons. John thinks we should advertise at Oxford for dreamy undergraduates who might like to hoist their pennant over the plains, snug in a bark hut with only the Din-go and his Native companion for company! Surely he is not thinking of Mr. Davidson!
Elizabeth has an expression she uses is summer - "It's as hot as love" - and today she said that the weather was "as cold as charity". The wind is from the south, with rain, and a mist hung over the river this morning. If it were warmer it would be bearable, but it is cold. The corn fields of last season are planted again, so the cold rain is being put to some good use. I hope the men have enough shelter, for themselves and for the lambs.

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