July 23, 2007

6 January 1807

Governor King

Our dear friends the Kings are almost ready to depart, so as one new friend is gained, another is lost. In one of the ironies of our story, John and the Governor had nought to do with one another, and John may even have sent the Governor to Coventry, but since John's resigned his commission, the Kings are our best friends, along with Mr. Harris. I don't know what I'm to do without Anna Josepha, who is the nicest woman in NS Wales and my dearest companion. Our children play together and together we plan their futures, yet the Governor's recent illness seems to have passed and it is certain that they will board the Buffalo and sail away from our lives. John informed me last night that some skullduggery has taken place with land here in Parramatta, and Mr. Bligh has a grant on the north of the creek while the Kings have thousands, or hundreds anyway, of acres near Mr. Marsden's main farm. How peculiar that the new Governor grants hi'self acres while refusing Lord Camden's command to allow John the cow pastures! The new Governor's grant is made out to Mrs. Putland, his daughter, while Governor King's grant is made out to Anna Josepha, while every rood we own we have purchased, bar the original small piece. What form of justice is this? And John is certain that no right is extended to a Governor to grant willy-nilly, but they all seem to think that being Governor is next to being a King! We have written Home about Lord Camden's grant and the King's will take that correspondence along with our earnest good wishes Home. How I wish that we were going too! But then I'll look around and see the extraordinary beauty of our situation and know that the children at least are better off there, while our fortune is being made here. If only we could sell this for its value!

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