July 22, 2007

5 January 1807 by Elizabeth Macarthur

So the devils surround us! With Mr. Marsden on the one side and Governor Bligh on t'other, how will an honest family earn its keep? Our lovely Dorset rams came nigh the house yesterday - what beauties they are! When John was away Home, I became the ram master by necessity and they became my own. Leaving the girls, strapped into John's old Hanover boots and leggings I'd set off across the fields to the tupping paddock for to see to the rams - trimmed their horns, clipped the wools from beneath their tails, and set them to the ewes, all by myself. John doesn't like to see me doing that now, but he'll have nothing to do with the sheep, exclaiming that the stink of their lan clings to his clothes. And so it does - the smell of their spunk especially! But it is a fine smell, for it's the stink of our prosperity - we have 1,000 ewes to put to the five fine rams the King did sell us, and by next season, with the lands at the cow pastures, our stocks will surely rise!

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