July 20, 2007

Elizabeth Macarthur's diary 1807

January is hot in New Holland, or Australia as Governor King has Christened it. So hot a multitude of bats in the trees along the river die and fall into the water, from the heat. I find it unbearable. John is gone most of the day, riding around the property, working I suppose. Anything it seems, to avoid the blow-up I know is inevitable with new Governor Bligh.

Only the other morning I heard the new Governor and my husband talking loudly, each it seemed with a differing view - perhaps of the land Lord Camden has arranged for John, at the Cow Pastures. "What of your sheep, Sir, what of your sheep do I care, Sir? I'll hear nothing of the damned sheep, nor of the land that the Government cattle are on - it will not be thine! You have been given that land, by Heaven, but you shan't keep it!", said the Governor. And I heard John reply, "Not heaven, your Honour, but Lord Camden has promised that land!" It was quite the smartest thing I've ever heard!

It's only sparing at the moment, but it will soon blow up, I can tell!

Elizabeth and David


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